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Ask a Delaware County Plumbing Expert: When is Excavation Necessary?


Lasting Root Damage Will Result in Replacement

Homeowners who don’t pay much attention to their sewer or drain lines have a rude awakening ahead of them. Feehan Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is here to make sure you do not fall into that category.

If your sewer line remains unchecked over a period of time, tree roots will become your worst enemy. They get into the line, grow, expand, and ultimately defeat your sewer line to the point where it will need repair.

Once that happens, cabling will probably not work efficiently. We are often able to clear away accumulated debris, but not actually open the line up to get to the real problem area. When we cable a line like that and are continuously met with resistance, we start thinking about the next step – excavation.

Excavation for replacement is always used as a last resort, but sometimes drain clogs are just too far gone that it is the only option.

You Know You Need Excavation If

  1. When we pull the cable out of the line for inspection, we see mud, clay, or a shiny surface on the cutting head. This indicates that the sewer line has broken, and is not just clogged. When a line breaks, rain, and groundwater wash mud and clay into it, contributing to an obstruction.
  2. When a drain collapses or shears, or if the tree root infestation is too large.

At Feehan Plumbing & Heating, we will do a thorough inspection of your line before even thinking about replacement. And we promise to only use it as a last resort. Call us today to help clear away your sewer line problems!

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