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Floor Drain Flooding in Upper Darby, PA


Why a Floor Drain Floods

If your floor drain floods, that can obviously be more than just a headache – it can cause serious property damage and potentially even affect the value of your home. If this problem strikes you, the professionals with Feehan Plumbing & Heating are standing by to help with your floor drain flooding in Upper Darby, PA.

A floor drain can occur when the municipal sewer line is overloaded or your home’s sewer line has a problem. If heavy rain causes water to back up into your basement, or water backs up when you use your shower or washing machine, or when you flush your toilet, then your sewer line is more than likely obstructed. A thorough cleaning of the sewer line may be all that is needed.

Why Plugging Your Floor Drain May Not Be the Answer

A lot of people think all they need to do to eliminate backflow is to just cap the drain since the floor drain is the lowest point of entry into the basement. This is normally not sufficient, however, because there are many pieces of pipe that comprise your sewer line, and this piping is not designed to withstand pressure. If a pipe cannot relieve itself because your floor drain is capped, that pressure could cause a rupture in some other area of the piping. This is commonly mistaken for seepage; however, it is backflow. When severe, this can actually lift your concrete flooring and cause even worse problems.

A Sump Pump Alone is Not Sufficient

Sump pumps are designed to control groundwater, collecting it as it accumulates around the house and discharging it back into your yard. While this is a very effective method for controlling seepage, a sewer backup is another matter entirely. When flooding water enters a home through a sewer line, it usually comes in with such great pressure that a sump pump cannot keep up.

Call Feehan for Your Floor Drain Flooding in Upper Darby, PA

If you call Feehan, we will send a trained and expert technician to unclog your floor drains, much in the same manner that we would clean a sewer or sink drain. We’ll use an electric drain-cleaning machine that cuts through any and all blockages inside the pipe. Your drains will flow like new.

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