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Gas Line Installation and Water Heater Installation in Rose Valley, PA


When looking at new appliances or moving into a new to you home, you may be interested in gas appliances. If you don’t have natural or propane gas at your home or even if you do have these services but do not have gas lines running to the areas where you need to install the appliances you will need a gas line run. Feehan Plumbing & Heating has been in the business for 35 years and is Rose Valley’s most reliable contractor. We recently had a service call for a homeowner who realized a few days before installation of his new oven that there were no gas lines running near the oven, he also wanted us to check his water heater, and here is how the process worked for them.

What Is The Process?

One of our experienced technicians will come out to your home and inspect the area where you need gas. We will inspect the existing gas lines and tanks if necessary and take all the required measurements. If the job requires permitting, we will help you complete that process. Our pricing is upfront, meaning we will give you a price for the job before it starts and we will not charge by the hour or length of pipe. If you need a tank installed in your home we will put you in contact with a contractor and help with that process as well. Once we have determined where the lines go, we will install the lines and make every effort to preserve your property. Once the line is run and has passed any necessary inspections we will hook up all of your gas appliances and ensure they are running correctly.

Water Heater Installation

When our customer called us for his gas line installation, he also wanted us to check out his water heater. He was concerned that the heater was not large enough for his family, or had a malfunction as the hot water only lasted for 10 minutes. Our experienced technicians are skilled in several different trades; this means that both his gas lines and water heater were able to be inspected by the same technician at the same appointment, saving our client time and money. After inspection, we were able to recommend to him a different water heater and install the water heater to give this family longer showers and better energy efficiency.

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