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Noisy Pipes Repaired in Holmes, PA


There are several different causes of noisy pipes in Holmes, and while all of them are annoying, they can all be simply explained. And they can also be easily fixed by a professional.

“Water hammer” is a sharp thump coming from the pipes. It is produced when water under pressure in supply pipes comes to a sudden stop when a faucet is turned off. A water hammer shock absorber should be as close as possible to the valve or faucet it services.
Banging is caused when pipes are loose in their anchors. This allows them to vibrate against floor joists or wall studs when water moves through them.

Squeaking happens almost exclusively in hot water supply lines. It occurs when pipes warmed by hot water expand against supports or hangers.

“Faucet chatter,” a rapid, rattling vibration in compression faucets, is caused by a poor fit of the seat washer at the bottom of the faucet stem, causing the stem to shake under the pressure of the water in the supply line.

If left untreated, the causes of noisy pipes in Holmes can loosen joints and fittings, leading to a leak or a burst pipe. Fortunately, noisy pipes are easily corrected. The water hammer is remedied by installing a special shock absorber on the water supply line near the affected faucets and valves. The shock absorber houses rubber bellows, hydraulic fluid, and inert gas that absorbs the shock of water under pressure coming to a sudden stop. On houses with built-in shock-absorbing air chambers, draining water from the plumbing and allowing air back into the chambers clears up the water hammer. Banging is cured by fastening the pipes more securely to their support structures. Squeaking is fixed by preventing the vibration of the pipe where it touches its hanger. Faucet chatter is corrected by reseating or replacing the seat washer in the faucet mechanism.

It is critical, of course, that you choose the right plumber, one who is reliable, trustworthy, and won’t bust your budget. At Feehan Plumbing & Heating, our expert plumbing professionals have been providing affordable, top-notch performance for 35 years. We provide up-front pricing that will ensure no surprises, and we charge not by the hour, but by the job. Plus, we are available 24 hours a day because plumbing problems don’t have their own set schedule. To set up an appointment or to learn more, call us at (610) 795-9327.

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