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Types of Tankless Water Heater Applications


There are several types of tankless water heater applications, because a tankless water heater system can be used wherever a traditional tank-style water heater can be used, and in many other places where a tank-style heater cannot be used. Because of the compact nature of tankless systems and the minimal amount of space that they take up, there are many tankless applications that you may not have even considered. Some of these applications include:

Single-family whole-home water heating
A tankless water heater system makes a great replacement for a whole home water heater – whether gas or electric – for a host of residential applications, such as apartments, condominiums, houses, manufactured homes, recreational properties, and guest homes. In applications where there is an extremely high demand for hot water, there can be multiple heaters deployed. Or, you can pair a tankless system with a conventional tank-style system in a type of booster configuration.

Multi-family whole home water heating
Resort property owners, hotel and motel operators property managers and developers can save thousands of dollars per year by having tankless water heating systems in their units. In addition, because floor space is always at a premium, switching to a tankless water heater system can save a great deal of physical space that can be used for other needs such as storage.

Point of use water heating
A tankless water heater system, due to its small size, is well suited for point-of-use applications around a home and is great for bringing hot water to parts of the home that are located quite a distance away from the existing water heater system. They can also help provide low-cost water heating for organizations such as schools and businesses in areas such as cafeterias and lavatories.

Other business and commercial applications
There are several other ways that tankless water heaters can be used in commercial water heating applications, such as restaurants, hotels, lodges, laundromat facilities, salons, spas, and several more.

If you would like more information on a specific application in which you may be interested, or you would like to schedule a tankless water heater installation, please call Feehan Plumbing & Heating at (610) 795-9327. We will be happy to help you determine the proper tankless water heater system for your needs and help steer you toward the right model that is right for your application.

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