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Basement Flood Due to Failed Sump Pump in Berwyn, PA


Regular sump pump maintenance can help prevent flooding

A sump pump is often your home’s most important line of defense against a flood. However, it is extremely important that you check the pump regularly so that it will work when you need it the most. Since a sump pump can often sit for several months before it is needed, you should take the time to perform some basic maintenance on your machine.

  1. Check the inlet screen and clean it every three months or so. Make sure that electricity is getting to the power cord, and then dump some water into the sump pit to test the pump.
  2. Every year or so, take the pump out of the pit. Clean it and inspect it for any signs of problems, such as corrosion. You should also clean the sump pit itself to reduce the chances of corrosive elements affecting the pump.
  3. See if the pump’s motor bearings need to be lubricated by consulting your owner’s manual. You can always find information on the model that you have by checking the Internet if you no longer have the manual. All you’ll need will be the manufacturer and the model number.

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