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Gas Line Installation in Gladwyn, PA


Switching to natural gas requires gas line installation

You’ll need to have a gas line installed if you’re switching to natural gas to heat your home and power your appliances. Switching to natural gas is beneficial because it can save you money.

When looking for a plumber to install a natural gas line, you need to make sure they have a master plumbing license because it signifies a high degree of experience, qualifications, and knowledge regarding the plumbing profession. All of the experts here at Feehan Plumbing & Heating are trained, licensed, and ready for any gas line needs you have.

Not sure about switching to natural gas because you don’t really know what the installation process entails? Well, wonder no more. A Feehan expert recently supplied and installed a new gas line to a fireplace in Gladwyn and provided a step-by-step of his work.

  1. Drill stucco (decorative coating on the walls) and supply and install a 3/4″ galvanized nipple for a propane company
  2. Supply and install around 50 feet of 1/2″ gas pipe to the fireplace with a brass shut-off valve
  3. Drill existing brick fireplace to run new 1/2″ gas line
  4. Supple and install necessary steel pipe and fittings
  5. Test out and clean up

We always make sure the work we do is sufficient and clean before we leave your home. You can count on us to get the job right in a timely and efficient manner. Call Feehan today!

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