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Main Drain Backup in Delaware County, PA


This customer was suffering backups throughout his home, with sewage accumulating not only in his bathrooms but also in his basement. If you ever suffer this problem, shut off the water to your entire home and call a plumber as soon as you possibly can.

There are several reasons for sewer line clogs, but one of the most difficult is the invasion of tree roots. Roots look for moisture wherever they can find them. Many times they find it in a sewer line that has a crack. Roots can penetrate even small breaches; as they get larger, so will the breach. Over time they will accumulate to the point where they cause a clog.

The only truly effective method of removing tree roots from plumbing is by using a high-pressure water jet. This will scour the inside of a drain line, cutting through the most stubborn kinds of obstructions, whether they are from tree roots, toilet paper, hair and grease, or anything else. This water flows through pipes at up to 3,500 psi, obliterating anything in its path. Once this treatment is complete, your pipes will return to their original diameter and water will flow through them freely.

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