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Pipe Leak Detection in Chester County, PA


Any sort of plumbing leak can be extremely costly in the long run, causing significant water damage to the structure of your home that can result in extensive repairs. There are signs that you can look for that can tell you that you may have a leak that needs to be addressed.

  • Look for any damp spots on your ceiling or your walls. Check to see if your paint or wallpaper is peeling.
  • If you are going to leave the house for an extended period of time, turn off your water and record the reading of your water meter. About eight hours later, go back and check the meter again. If it has moved, that may mean you have a leak that has not been detected.
  • You may also have a leak if your bills are suddenly much higher than normal even though you haven’t used substantially more water, or you hear the sound of water running when no fixtures are turned on.
  • If you see mildew forming or you smell foul, sewer-like odors, this may also be a sign that a leak has formed somewhere in your plumbing.
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