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Five Ways to Prevent Main Line Clogs in Chester County


Moving Trees Away From Home Can Prevent Reoccurring Sewer Line Clogs

We know you want to do everything possible to prevent those pesky clogs from ever happening again in your home. That’s why we’re leaving you with these five tips.
You can thank us later!

  1. Remove trees: If you have main lines that are clogged because of tree roots, it is probably because of the trees that are planted so close to your home. You may actually have to remove some of those trees in order for those roots to stop getting in. Homes that have old pines and oaks are usually the most susceptible to reoccurring mainline problems. Tearing down a tree can be hard, as it becomes a part of your outside landscape. But, in the end, you’ll see it was worth it.
  2. Watch what you put down your kitchen drain: Believe it or not, your garbage disposal can not easily crush all types of food. There are certain things you should avoid at all costs – potato skins, grease, celery (or other stringy vegetables), grains of rice, and more. By throwing away these types of food, instead of tossing them into the disposal, you could save yourself a whole lot of trouble.
  3. Don’t put hair down the bathroom sink: You may think this one’s impossible to follow, as you shed hundreds of strands of hair naturally each time you shower. But, to avoid hair getting clogged and stuck in the drain, you can install a plastic hair catcher on the shower drain, and a drain trap in your bathroom sink.
  4. Use enzymes regularly: We say enzymes and not chemical drain cleaners because the only one we suggest you use is Bio-Clean. Bio-Clean is a safe drain cleaning method that works effectively. The enzymes in it eat away at all the accumulated waste that causes blockages. A tip when using Bio-Clean – begin the treatment at night, when you are done using the sinks, and enjoy the free-flowing water the next morning!
  5. Install a lint catcher: Your washing machine and dryer deal with a lot of lint, so it’s only natural that they will eventually become clogged. To avoid that, equip the drain connected to your washing machine with a lint catcher. This stops extra lint from entering your drain.

For more clog-prevention tips or to schedule a drain cleaning, call Feehan Plumbing & Heating!

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