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Benefits of a Bradford White Water Heater


Did you know that home and business owners typically need to replace their water heaters every 8-12 years? This means that in a typical lifetime, you will need to replace 2 to 3 water heaters. While some water heaters can last longer than the typical lifespan this depends on impeccable maintenance and the quality of the water heater. Feehan Plumbing & Heating is able to provide you with water heaters that last and maintenance that helps keep your water heaters in their best condition. Feehan Plumbing & Heating offers its customers one of the top brands of water heaters in the business, Bradford white water Heaters.

What Is a Bradford White Water Heater?

Bradford White’s history dates back to 1891 and has been at the leading edge of the water heating industry ever since. Bradford White manufactures gas, electric, solar, and oil-fed water heaters. They manufacture a water heater for almost any situation. Feehan Plumbing & Heating trusts Bradford White to be the leading product they install in their customers’ homes and businesses.

What about Energy Star?

Water Heaters consume the second largest amount of energy, behind heating and cooling, in any home or business. This means that often a substantial chunk of your energy bill is dedicated to heating your water. In order to reduce your energy bills, you want the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market. In January 2009 the U.S. Department of Energy published its Energy Star guidelines for residential water heaters. Bradford Whites Energy star water heaters have the following qualifications and benefits:

  • Minimum First Hour Rating (FHR) of  67 gallons
  • Minimum Energy Factor (EF) of 0.67
  • Annual energy savings of up to 14%

Bradford White Has Your Safety in Mind

Unlike many water heater companies, we only sell through distributors such as Feehan Plumbing. Water heater installation is not a DIY job. For that reason, the only way you are able to get our product is if a qualified plumber installs the water heater. This means that if you come across a Bradford White water heater, you can rest assured that it has been installed correctly.

Bradford White Maintenance

Bradford White recommends you contact Feehan Plumbing & Heating for periodic maintenance. During your maintenance appointment, we will check the ignition sources, inspect the unit, and test the temperature gauge.

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