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Main Drain Back Up in Collingdale, PA


Main drain backup is a common problem that can cause a number of unnecessary headaches. It is not unusual for grease, soap, detergents, and fats to accumulate in the interior of pipes and eventually clog the pipes. Clogged drains or pipes prevent wastewater from flowing out and causing flooding in the kitchen or bathroom. This can be very stressful, and extremely messy. However, it can all be quickly solved by one simple phone call to Feehan Plumbing & Heating. Feehan services Collingdale, as well as the entire Delaware County.

How to Repair Main Drain Back-Ups in Collingdale, PA

There are three primary methods used to properly repair a drain backup. All three are common practices for the Pennsylvania-based Feehan Plumbing & Heating. The first attempt to rid your small drain pipes of food bits and pieces or hair and big pipes of tree roots is called cabling or snaking. A metal cable loaded with spring is spun at high speed while it is being inserted through the drain pipe to discharge the obstruction in the pipe. The second method is titled “Augering”.  An auger is a tool specially made for toilets and urinal clogging. The process is much like that of cabling where the auger – which is a much smaller tool — is introduced through the drain pipe to try to recover or force the item causing the problem out through what is called a “trap”. The third (and most efficient) option is high-pressure water jetting. Grease, soap, sludge, and other build-up are flushed out of the drain system of a home or an industrial building with the use of a high–pressure water jet powered by a compressor attached to a cable with a specially made nozzle.

Who to Call For Main Drain Back-Up Repair in Collingdale, PA

Is your main drain backed up? Does your shower make abnormal noises when you use your sink or toilet? Does your drain no longer allow water to even go down? If you are experiencing any of these issues, do not hesitate to call Feehan Plumbing & Heating where our team of expertly trained technicians can provide you with immediate, top-of-the-line service.

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