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Furnace Blower Motor Problems in Sharon Hill, PA


When customers suffer furnace blower motor problems in Sharon Hill, PA, the technicians with Feehan Plumbing & Heating are ready to help. Sometimes we will find that the motor is drawing excessive amperage. When this happens we typically have to replace it as well as add a new capacitor.

However, there are things you can do short of having the motor replaced. If your furnace blower is all of a sudden noisy, perform some of the following troubleshooting techniques to see if that solves the problem.

Furnace Blower Motor Troubleshooting in Sharon Hill, PA
First, check to see if the belt on the blower motor is showing any signs of cracks, or if it’s broken completely. If you know how replace the belt once the motor has cooled. If the motor is extremely hot to the touch, you will likely need a replacement performed by a trained expert.

Other Blower Troubleshooting Options in Sharon Hill, PA
As with any furnace troubleshooting step, make sure the furnace is turned off at the circuit breaker before you start to look at the motor.

Look for any debris, such as damaged parts, that could be rubbing against the fan blades. If you don’t see any debris, look to see if there is a place on the motor where you can add oil. There are some models that will not allow you to do so because they are “permanently oiled.” If you are able to add oil, however, do so and then turn the furnace on to see if you still hear a noise. If the noise is gone, add oil regularly, or if the noise returns.

What to Do if Troubleshooting Does Not Work in Sharon Hill, PA
If the problem persists even after you replace the belt and add oil, then you will more than likely need to call in a professional. A Feehan Plumbing & Heating technician can come to your home and determine if a repair is possible, or if you need the motor replaced. More than likely you will need a replacement; we will work with you to determine your best option for a new motor.

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