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Backflow Preventer Valve Installation in Edgemont, PA


Problems in municipal lines could result in dirty water entering your home

Water is supposed to move from an area of high pressure, such as a municipal water main, to an area of lower pressure, such as a faucet. However, there are times when there is a heavy demand for water or some sort of problem in the municipal line, that water will “backflow” into a home. This can mean dirty, dangerous water comes through your faucet or even up through your toilet bowl.

One form of backflow is known as “back siphonage.” This takes place when there is a formation of negative pressure in your water system. This commonly occurs when a city water main breaks or firefighters have to tap into a fire hydrant and place a much higher demand on the water supply. This can lower a home’s water pressure substantially, and as a result, back-siphon wastewater into your potable water supply.

Municipalities are required to install and maintain backflow preventers on their lines. However, for an added measure of protection, consider having a professional install one for your plumbing.

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