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Toilet Overflowing in Villanova, PA


Immediate steps to take if your toilet overflows

If a toilet overflows, it can be not only a disgusting mess but also a health hazard. If this happens to you, here are the steps you should take in order to be as safe as possible.

  1. Shut off the water to your toilet. The valve should be located near its base. There are rare instances, however, where there will be no shut-off valve. If this is the case, lift up the tank lid and set the float in a position where no more water will be able to enter the tank.
  2. Get a shop vac and immediately clean up any water that has spilled on the floor. You can also use it to take water out of fabrics or carpeting. Thoroughly wash and disinfect any surfaces where water overflowed.
  3. You have some sort of clog in your sewer line that has caused the overflow. Use a plunger and see if you can loosen the obstruction. If you have a plumbing snake, try using that to see if you can get rid of the clog. You will have to call a plumber if the clog is too far from the line for you to reach with the snake.

Call Feehan Plumbing & Heating today if you suffer a toilet overflow and we will work quickly to take care of the problem.

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