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Ask a Delaware County Plumbing Expert: What's a Drain and Sewer Clean-Out?


What a Clean-Out is and Why You Should Have One

 A clean-out is the part of a pipe that connects to a riser tube which provides an easily accessible opening at ground level. In most cases, clean-outs are located in basements or in outdoor areas of a home. The main reason they are so important to a plumbing system is that it makes maintenance on a sewer or drain line possible. Without this, you may be in for some serious digging to access the line.

Advantages of a Properly Installed Clean-Out

  1. A clean-out helps you always find where your sewer line runs. The next time it needs maintenance or repairs, you’ll know exactly where to look.
  2. During heavy rains, you can activate your clean-out to prevent flooding in your home.
  3. Clean-outs make all clogs accessible to professional drain cleaners with cables and blades. No clog will get buried too deep with a clean-out installed.
  4. If you end up with a drain line clogged and you need it to be cleared, the more clean-outs you have, the less expensive the job will be.
  5. Sewer line clean-outs leave little room for guesswork. In the event you need to clean out a line, we will be able to do so right at the source of the problem, instead of having to lift up your toilet to find it.
  6. Clean-outs make visual inspections possible on all of your fixtures. This is helpful because you will know for sure that all drains are flowing normally.

Are you ready to have a clean-out installed at your home? Call Feehan Plumbing & Heating today!

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