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Ask a Montgomery County Plumber: What Are the Benefits of a New Water Heater?


Enjoy Increased Home Comfort With a Brand New Water Heater

Having a water heater in your home is an obvious necessity, as it heats the water you and your family do laundry with,  shower in, and wash dishes with. But, despite its importance, how often do you think about it?

We are willing to bet never – well, unless it stops working, that is. And, unfortunately, there will come a time when your water heater breaks. They aren’t indestructible and the constant wear and tear will eventually cause it to have problems.

There are many water heater issues that can be fixed with minor repairs, but some – like sediment build-up and leaks – will require a replacement.

And, sometimes, whether you need a replacement or not, it still might be more beneficial for you to consider it. If your water heater is over 12 years old, you aren’t going to get much more use out of the unit. Not to mention you will be paying far too much money for constant repairs.

Other Benefits of a New Water Heater

  1. More hot water: Older systems take longer to heat water and you don’t always have time to wait – especially if you have a house full of people waiting to use the shower. A newer, updated system will alleviate any water temperature problems you may be experiencing in your home.
  2. Increased value of your home: Trying to sell a home with an old water heater won’t go over great for you, as home inspectors look carefully at your plumbing systems – one of the most important being your water heater. The newer the unit you have in your home, the better your value will be.
  3. Lower water bills: Think of how much water you’re wasting if the tank is leaking or if you have to leave the water on for a long time for it to heat up. With a new energy-efficient unit, you’ll be saving loads of money!
  4. Warranties:  At Feehan Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we offer six-year warranties on our tanks and a one-year labor warranty. That’s probably more than you can say about your current unit.
  5. Enhanced home luxury: More hot water, better home value, warranties, and less money in repair and bill costs – what could be better than that? With a new system, you will have all-around increased comfort for you and your family, and you’ll never have to worry about another water heater problem again.

Are you ready to replace that water heater? We think you are. Call Feehan Plumbing & Heating today!

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