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Ask a West Chester Plumber: Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing


Identifying Pipes at Risk of Freezing

West Chester gets pretty frigid this time of year. Anyone can tell you that pipes bursting from freezing over can be a serious problem, damaging your home and costing some serious money in repairs. What they might not tell you is how to prevent frozen pipes altogether! Identifying pipes at risk for freezing and what steps will help prevent those pipes from freezing, before the cold weather kicks in.

Here are some ideas on how to find and identify pipes that might freeze or become an issue during a cold snap, and how to prevent damage before the freezing temperatures become.

Step 1: Know Your Home
The simple concept of knowing where your pipes run, start to finish, is sometimes overlooked but incredibly important. Get ready to dive deep into your basement and discover where each of your pipes starts and ends up. This may not always be so obvious: some pipes can be hidden behind walls or otherwise covered. Look to objects like your water heater or boiler as a start if you’re having trouble. Learn where each pipe goes and what it’s used for, and if you need it, call the professionals at Feehan to come in and give you a hand. Knowing where pipes are and what they are for will help address almost all home plumbing issues you encounter.

Step 2: Find The Cold
Do you have that one spot in your basement where it gets really cold? Are there any cracks in the walls or holes in the outdoors? If so, look for pipes near that area: cracks and other exposed areas within your home or basement increase the risk of pipes freezing when they are exposed to the elements. Keep an eye out for these areas in particular as they will need to be addressed before the temperatures drop again.

Step 3: Watch The Weather
Understanding when the coldest weather will happen is a major step in applying the preventative maintenance tips provided here. West Chester can be unpredictable in the winter, and knowing when things will get cold and HOW cold it will get is crucial to preventing your pipes from freezing.

Preventing Pipes From Freezing

Here are some great methods to prevent pipes from freezing over. Note that you will want to address the pipes at the greatest risk before the cold weather sets in: remember, it is the coldest at night, so don’t wake up to a big problem!

  1. Insulate pipes: This is effective when it comes to pipes that are in high-risk areas. Putting a good amount of insulation around a pipe will make it more difficult for the water inside to freeze.
  2. Leave the faucet running: Leaving your faucets at a drip will keep water moving within the pipes, reducing the chance of it freezing in place. This is an effective option if the power happens to go out: as your home grows colder, the risk of your pipes freezing increases.
  3. Re-Route frozen pipes: A trained West Chester Plumber can come into your home, help you identify problem areas in your pipes, and re-route or protect the troubled areas to help address the issue.

Don’t Wait For The Cold To Come

Pipes that burst from freezing temperatures are no joke. Don’t be caught out in the cold without heat this winter, call the experts at Feehan today. We offer a full range of same-day emergency services to all Tri-County area residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our fully licensed and trained technicians’ trucks are always stocked and ready to go for any job you may need to be performed. We pride ourselves on giving the best service while being fast and affordable, too. Call Feehan today!

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