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Furnace Replacement in West Chester


While your existing heating furnace may be doing its job just fine, you could significantly increase its efficiency while reducing pollutants both indoors and outdoors simply by purchasing a brand new, state-of-the-art heating system.

Energy bills are high enough as they are and when you add in the cost of your heating furnace, especially when you consider that it is years old, it would be in your right financial mind to consider a new heating furnace. Depending on the inefficiencies of your existing furnace, a brand new heating system could save up to 40 percent on a gas furnace and a significant amount on an electric furnace.

Having the ability to be switch to propane easily, modern gas furnaces are extremely efficient with efficiency ratings up to 96 percent. What this number means is that the four percent that is not accounted for is the amount of generated heat that is lost. Your old furnace could be losing over 40 percent of your produced heat through the chimney. A new propane or gas heating system that has been properly installed and operates efficiently will also produce less air pollution when compared to your existing furnace. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced up to 40 percent in a modern heating system. This is so important due to the fact that carbon dioxide, global warming and climate changed have all been linked together.

Inefficiencies related to old furnaces include but are not limited to the design of the gas heating systems. Systems designed today consists of a special gas valve, which is able to control the produced heat from the furnace. Some designs have a output burn rate that is low and high while other designs have a gas valve that varies the output of gas in percentage increments. The primary advantage of these is that when the weather is mild and a lesser amount of heat is needed then the furnace is running at the low level. But, when it is cold and more heat is required, the furnace automatically switches to the high output level.

This system permits the furnace to conserve energy by running a smaller amount of on and off cycles. Similar to the way a car operates more proficiently when driving on the highway than when in stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper traffic, a gas heating furnace will function much more resourcefully when it can run at a steady pace rather than repetitively starting and stopping. It further means a longer life for the heating system due to less wear and tear.

In order to take complete advantage of the efficiency and comfort features of your furnace, purchase a matching thermostat, which can be obtained from the furnace’s manufacturer. These particular thermostats will give you control over humidity, blower speeds as well as overall temperature. If you would like to learn more regarding how a brand spanking new modern furnace can save you a substantial amount of money by eliminating inefficiencies from your existing, old furnace, please call Feehan Plumbing & Heating today!

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