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Hydro Jetting in Bucks County


When there’s a drain clog too thick or too deep in your system for drain snaking, cleaning agent treatments, or even hydraulic rooter service, where do you turn?  Don’t let other plumbers convince you that the pipes need to be replaced: having tree roots and tough grime in your pipes can be serious problems, but with the modern technology on the plumbing market there’s no reason to have to dig up your lawn.  No, the solution isn’t replacement or excavation or even chemical drain cleaning — you need high water pressure jetting.

High water pressure jetting, often referred to as hydro jetting is a process by which our fully-licensed plumbers blast a powerful stream of water through your  interior system to clear out blockages and restore the initial condition of the pipes.  Hydrojetting is important because of two serious drain issues that other plumbing solutions just can’t fix:

  • Residue Build-Up in Drains: Over time, grease and oil starts to build up in your pipes and restrict the flow of water and sewage through the lines.  This happens inevitably: we all have oil in our skin that comes off when we shower, and our foods have grease that either gets poured down the drain or comes off our dishes in the kitchen sink.
  • Tree Roots: The roots of the trees in our yards are designed to seek moisture.  They often find it in the sewer line, along with the nutrients that they need. When tree roots invade your sewer line through the seams, they can cause leaks, clogs, and even disjointing.  These problems are expensive disasters, and they often recur even after you fix them when the roots grow back!

These problems used to mean that you needed a replacement. But with hydro jetting, you can solve both of them in one go! Hydro jetting clears and restores your entire system, eliminating grime and roots thoroughly enough that they don’t come back! So if you’ve got a tough plumbing problem, don’t let another plumber say you need replacement. Call the experts at Feehan Plumbing & Heating today to save time and money with the smarter solution.

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