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Tree Roots in Your Sewer System


A big part of the reason that Bucks County is so beautiful all year round are the majestic trees that line our streets, parts, and yards. Now that it’s fall and the leaves are changing, we appreciate them more than ever!  But the trees in Bucks County also pose a problem for homeowners in this area: tree roots. Each year, just as the winter cold starts to leave, people start to notice that their drains are acting strange. They have sewer odors in their kitchen, standing water in their shower, and a toilet that keeps backing up. The culprit is tree root intrusion.

Because tree roots are designed to seek moisture, they have a nasty habit of finding the nutrients and wetness they need inside of our sewer lines. The roots invade the sewer lines through the seams and cause all sorts of problems, including leaks, clogs, and even disjointing!  If you’re considering landscaping, you should always make sure that the tree or bush that you plant isn’t anywhere near on of your underground pipe lines.  However, for many homeowners, it’s too late to take those kinds of precautions.

Never fear, though: Feehan Plumbing & Heating can help! Sometimes, rooter service or drain treatments can clear roots out of a sewer line.  The hydraulic rooter uses a corkscrew motion to break up knotted tree roots, and a treatment (such as Root-X) can eliminate roots by biodegrading them and even preventing further growth.

However, in the case that your root problem is too extensive for either of these two options, there is a third to consider:

Using our high water pressure jetting (hydro jetting) technology, we are able to blast away problematic root build-ups with a powerful jet of H2O.  Tree roots don’t stand a chance against our machine!  Even better, hydro jetting can effectively restore your drains up to ten years by removing all of the collected grease and grime from the interior!  It’s a fantastic service, and on the most advanced tools in the industry.

So call Feehan Plumbing & Heating today for all of your sewer cleaning needs, including tree roots.  There’s nothing that our professionals can’t handle, so call now!

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