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Drain Repair in West Chester


When a drain gets clogged, don’t wait — think fast! Call Feehan Plumbing & Heating for an emergency drain cleaning service and get it fixed pronto! Once you start to see any of the following symptoms, have a professional check your pipes right away:

  • Standing water in your shower/tub
  • Frequent back-ups in your toilet
  • Bad odors in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Low water pressure
  • Pools of water in your yard or basement

Why the urgency?

Because when you don’t address clogged drains, they turn into larger problems. When the flow capacity of your pipes starts to shrink, they become more and more prone to serious problems. You might be thinking: what’s more serious than a full-stop clog? Well, when the structural integrity of  a drain or sewer line starts to fail, you could wind up with:

  • Corroded or Cracked Pipes
  • Pinhole Leaks
  • Bursts or Collapses
  • Orangeburg or Cast Iron
  • Root Intrusion

These issues can’t be fixed just by restoring flow. They require extra attention — you’ll need a professional to come to perform a drain repair for you and believe us, that can be an expensive process. Unfortunately, there are many plumbers in the industry who aren’t interested in the latest technological advancements, which have made the process of drain repair simpler and less invasive to your yard. Excavations cost more, so there’s not a huge incentive to switch.

But at Feehan Plumbing & Heating, we’ve got a reputation to maintain. That’s why we’ve invested in the technology needed to perform spot repairs and CIPP replacements that don’t require us to dig up your entire yard. Whenever possible, we’ll resort to the following trenchless alternatives rather than conventional labor:

  • Video Camera Inspection to pinpoint issues
  • High Water Pressure Jetting to restore flow capacity
  • Epoxy Pipe-Lining to build new, seamless pipes without removing the existing line
  • Pipe-Bursting, which replaces complete pipes but only requires entrance and exit holes
  • Spot Repairs with PEX piping for a permanent fix

Don’t just choose any plumber to perform your drain and sewer repair. Repair your drains and rest easy knowing pipe problems are not in your future. Call Feehan Plumbing & Heating and get our drain repair experts on the job as soon as possible.

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