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Constantly Running Toilets in Broomall, PA


There is a way for you to fix this annoying problem on your own

You know the sound. It’s one you can’t really explain, but it’s the aggravating noise you hear every time you walk by the bathroom when your toilet just won’t stop running. Now imagine it happening to three toilets in your home all at the same time.

A customer called needing someone to come out to his home because he had multiple toilets that were constantly running. Because it’s more than one, this gentleman could have a problem with something else, something he wouldn’t be able to fix on his own. However, there are some steps you can take that might solve your annoying problem.

  1. Flush the tank a few times. That’ll help you get to know the process, and hopefully help you understand what’s wrong.
  2. If it’s not shutting off after a few minutes and you notice that the tank is not full and isn’t filling, chances are the flapper (far right of the tank) is stuck open. Simply reach in and close it with your hands.
  3. Another reason for the toilet running would be because the tank is filling, it’s just not filling all the way to the water line. To fix this, check your water valve to ensure it’s on all the way. If it’s not, turn it completely on and you should see your tank filling up.
  4. However, if the Refill Valve or Float is not adjusted correctly, the tank still may not fill. Try maneuvering the float so it doesn’t touch anything else. Then, try pulling the float to the top of it’s travel. If neither of those work you may need to replace the refill valve assembly altogether.

If you’ve tried all of those steps, but are still having a problem call Feehan Plumbing & Heating today.

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