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Furnace Replacement in Wayne, PA


Don’t be left without heat this winter

 Is your furnace 16-20 years old? Do you hear strange noises coming from it? Are your gas and electric bills through the roof? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s time for you to consider a furnace replacement.

Furnaces, like everything else, are not meant to last forever. As they age, they become less efficient – running longer and harder to produce the same amount of heat – and cost you more money. With the winter months rolling in, you don’t want to be left without a working heating system to keep you warm.

That’s where Feehan comes in. Our heating experts will come to your home, take out your current furnace, and install the new one that you decide best fits your needs. Here’s a look at a recent replacement one of our technicians performed:

  1. Estimate to remove existing furnace to be recycled
  2. Supply and install new American Standard 80% efficient 80,000 BTU gas-fired furnace with gas valve and controls
  3. Supply and install necessary ductwork to tie into an existing system
  4. Supply and install new Honeywell Focus Pro thermostat
  5. Five year warranty on parts and labor
  6. Pressurize the system for leaks and test out

Now that you know what Feehan can do for you, call us today for your furnace installation needs!

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